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Tuesday, 27 June 2017 White House announces another False Flag in Syria
Tuesday, 27 June 2017 3 CNN journalists quit over Fake story on Russia
Monday, 26 June 2017 Leaked Conversation: US Military not sure who runs country
Monday, 26 June 2017 United Airlines multitasking: from assaulting Adults to trying to kill a Baby
Monday, 26 June 2017 Kentucky town happy with mayor, re-elects Dog for 4th time
Monday, 26 June 2017 CNN Boss asks all Fake News on Russia must come to him for approval
Sunday, 25 June 2017 Hersh: Trump launched strike on Syria based on Fake media frenzy
Saturday, 24 June 2017 Meet the Wisest man in the West: Canadian Jordan Peterson
Friday, 23 June 2017 Poll: Americans grow weary of Russia probe
Thursday, 22 June 2017 Is Putin realizing dialogue with USA is like talking to a Hershey Bar?
Thursday, 22 June 2017 US tries to intimidate N Korea with a failed intercept missile test
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 Seriously, Pentagon on paper spent $93m on camouflage uniforms
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 Did Peachy Putin hack the Peach State?
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 US Bill "Stop Arming Terrorists" gets only 13 votes in Congress
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 Is Trump surrounded by lunatics as 'advisors'?
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 Russian jet comes within 5ft of US recon plane
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 US Author: Americans get to see how Deep State overthrows Governments abroad at home
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 It's so hot in Phoenix, they can't fly planes!
Monday, 19 June 2017 US response to Russia is it will not hesitate to defend itself
Monday, 19 June 2017 For Canadian Liberals using the 'wrong' gender pronoun is a hate crime
Saturday, 17 June 2017 ‘Ambassador Rodman’ returns from ‘really good’ trip to North Korea
Saturday, 17 June 2017 US Soldiers shot in Afghanistan in another insider attack
Friday, 16 June 2017 Hillary looking at Jail if not for Seth Rich certainly for Clinton Foundation
Thursday, 15 June 2017 Trump unleashes Tweetstorm, asks why is Hillary not investigated?
Thursday, 15 June 2017 Trump: Qatar sponsors terror, so here is $12B worth of F15s
Thursday, 15 June 2017 No Spine? Trump refuses to congratulate Russian Embassy on National Holiday
Thursday, 15 June 2017 Coulter: Leftists US Media egging Low IQ Americans to take up Arms
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 New Normal for the US Left: Advocating Assassinations
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 United Airlines new slogan: We will Assault you to your next destination
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 Gunman fires 50 bullets, wounds US Republican, Leftists cheer on Twitter
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 Buchanan warns: If Trump doesn't destroy the Deep State, Civil War likely
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 US Ambassador to Qatar suddenly resigns
Thursday, 08 June 2017 Reality Winner - just another Patsy of the Deep State
Thursday, 08 June 2017 Two US Aircraft Carriers leave North Korean Coast... easy targets?
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 Trump sons on Russian investigation: Greatest Hoax of All time
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 Film maker encourages more Trump leaks
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 Saudis Spent $270K at Trump Hotel In Lobbying Campaign Against 9/11 Bill
Monday, 05 June 2017 California pays $75k to house a prisoner for 1 year
Monday, 05 June 2017 Man mowes Lawn as huge Tornado lurks nearby
Monday, 05 June 2017 Putin hints JFK was killed by the Deep State during NBC interview
Thursday, 01 June 2017 Trump to withdraw from Paris "Climate" Agreement
Thursday, 01 June 2017 Racist US College Students ask for a day "without white people"
Thursday, 01 June 2017 Trump's leakers: McMaster, Petraeus, Dina Powell?
Thursday, 01 June 2017 Sore Hillary: 1000 Russian Agents worked against me
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 What the duck? Canadians squawk at commemorative float cost
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 Starbucks Chairman: So about our coffee business, well it's Trump's fault
Sunday, 28 May 2017 Pentagon: US Soldier killed in NE Syria
Saturday, 27 May 2017 Brzezinski, man who dreamed of nuking Moscow dies
Friday, 26 May 2017 Trump Defies G7, Refuses To Back Climate Deal After "Controversial" Debate
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 Trump wants to make America Great at Geography again
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