Greece bans financial transfers from, and to Macedonia
Wednesday, 30 April 2008

 Greece has banned the transfer of money from, and to Macedonia. Blocked are all funds from Western Union and the Greek National Bank.

Macedonian citizens who at the moment are in Greece can't receive money from Macedonia, nor send money to Macedonia.

"This morning I wanted to transfer some funds to Skopje via Western Union. Actually, their Western Union is the same as Macedonian Postal Services, except here they are Greek Postal services, they are official." says Ivan Ivanov, Macedonian citizen in Greece. 

"I was told that since yesterday, all bank transactions with Macedonia are forbidden. Of course, they didn't say Macedonia. After that I went to Nacional Trapeza, then in Greek National Bank, I got the same response." concluded Ivanov.

Western Union in Skopje acknowledged the problem, and the complaints they received in the past two days. It alarmed their headquarters in Ireland.

Western Union's Director Marku says, Greece will face a substantial financial punishment for breaking the rules under which Western Union operates.

According to Marku, the problems were the documents that people fill out where it must be noted the name of the country where funds are sent to or received from.

Western Union clients worldwide use Macedonia on the forms. This bothered Greece so the financial transactions were cut.

So far Macedonia has not responded to any of the Greek provocations:

  • Confiscating Macedonian lamb
  • Barring overflights of Macedonian Airlines
  • Mistreating Macedonian citizens at border crossings
  • Barring Financial transactions


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