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An American vs Greedy Bank 1:0
Friday, 19 February 2010

Is this the tipping point? Americans have been taken advantage like no one on earth by greedy Banksters and corporations. Like many of them, a man named Terry Hoskins has had troubles with his bank. But his solution to foreclosure might be somewhat unique.

Hoskins said he's been in a struggle with RiverHills Bank over his Clermont County home for nearly a decade, a struggle that was coming to an end as the bank began foreclosure proceedings on his $350,000 home.

"When I see I owe $160,000 on a home valued at $350,000, and someone decides they want to take it no, I wasn't going to stand for that, so I took it down," Hoskins said.

Hoskins said the Internal Revenue Service placed liens on his carpet store and commercial property on state Route 125 after his brother, a one-time business partner, sued him.

The bank claimed his home as collateral, Hoskins said, and went after both his residential and commercial properties.

"The average homeowner that can't afford an attorney or can fight as long as we have, they don't stand a chance," he said.

Hoskins said he'd gotten a $170,000 offer from someone to pay off the house, but the bank refused, saying they could get more from selling it in foreclosure.

Hoskins told News 5's Courtis Fuller that he issued the bank an ultimatum.

"I'll tear it down before I let you take it," Hoskins told them.

And that's exactly what Hoskins did. 

Comments (4)
1. 23-02-2010 10:49
Exactly For Congress, Now the bank gets to go to the American Taxpayer for a handout while he sleeps on the street.
2. 21-02-2010 01:34
For Congress
The bank lies! They foreclose so that the Credit Fault swap contract written by AIG for Goldman can be paid off by US taxpayers.
Joe Ryan
3. 20-02-2010 13:11
For Congress
Pity he didn't knock the bank down too.
4. 20-02-2010 06:53
A top wobbles befire ot falls! So much for spin.

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