Canadian Women Hockey an example why Women shouldn't play Men's Sports
Friday, 26 February 2010

The Canadian women's hockey team is in hot water for their celebration after beating the U.S. in Thursday's gold-medal game.

After the game, players openly drank and smoked on the rink -- and now the International Olympic Committee is investigating.

Gilbert Felli, the IOC's executive director of the Olympic Games, says he was unaware of the incidents until informed by an Associated Press reporter. He says drinking in public by athletes at an Olympic venue is "not what we want to see" and not a good image for sports values. Felli says the IOC will talk to the international hockey federation and Canadian Olympic Committee and then "act accordingly."

My question is: Why 'ladies' play men's sports and look so awkward (unlady like) in the process? Being a woman is all about being a woman (grace, softness...).  Figure skating is by all standards  a women's sport (not men's), as we witnessed yesterday in Kim Yu-Na's performance.  Simply brilliant. 

So ladies, make an attempt to look like females, stay away from men's sports, don't try to be like men, that's what the men are for. //Gorazd V.

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