Macedonians attacked in Greece
Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ilija Sapkarev, Jovan Gorgevic, and Mitko Kirov, all truck drivers from Bogdanci, were physically attacked by 50 Greeks last night.

The cowardly attack happened in the city of Larissa when the three were returning to Macedonia.  At Larissa, they were  forcibly stopped by Greeks who at the moment were gathered for a strike. The truck had been stopped because of its Macedonian license plates.

The Greeks surrounded the truck and several of them entered the truck cabin, dragging the Macedonians out of it. From the three, Ilija Sapkarev was maltreated the most because he had a Macedonian flag in the cabin.

The Greeks took his flag out, and hurled it to the ground. When Ilija attempted to protect his flag he was kicked in his kidneys.  

There were 5 Greek police officers present when the incident occurred. The policemen did not intervene, rather, helped the Greek mob by telling them to rip off the Macedonian 'MK' (intl. code) insignia from the back of the truck and everywhere where the insignia was visible.

The Macedonians crossed the St Mary border crossing several hours later, and reported the incident to the Ministry of Interior, who notified the Macedonian Foreign Ministry.

The three Macedonian drivers work for the trucking company "RiveSped" in Bogdanci. Today, no one from Rivesped wanted to speak in front of camera about the incident.

Latest information is that the Macedonian Foreign Ministry is awaiting for the official MI report, after this a note of Protest will be sent to Athens.


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