Another cowardly attack on Macedonians in Greece
Sunday, 11 May 2008

Second attack on Macedonian citizens in Greece. This time a father L.S. (67) and his son D.S. (29) returning with their truck  to Macedonia were attacked on the road between Kavala and Salonika, it was reported by the Macedonian MoI.

According to the report, their truck was forcibly stopped by three passenger vehicles.  Five Greeks got out of their cars with metal bars and attempted to break the windshield of the Macedonian's truck.

The father and the son managed to stop the breaking of the windshild, but couldn't stop the damage to their doors. While they stopped two Greeks, the other three were smashing their doors and similarly to YESTERDAY's INCIDENT were taking out the international Macedonian insignia "MK".

The attack had been pre-planned because the Greeks, besides forcibly stopping the truck, also carried permanent markers and wrote "GR" (international insignia for Greece) on several locations on the truck.


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