Greek Paper shows Bush as Hitler
Wednesday, 14 May 2008

[15.05.08] Macedonian flag with a Nazi symbol, and the US President with Hitler's mustache in front of the flag was on the front page of Greek newspaper at the eve of the NATO Summit.

Apparently, both the Macedonian and American Diplomats were aware of this, and both sides chose not to say anything or protest in any way to the Greek Government.

In its article "In Bucharest, ready for everything" the Greek daily, just like the title states, explains how the Greek Government would do anything and everything possible for Macedonia not to enter NATO. Though, this was evident months before the Summit.

Meanwhile, the Greek Government spent several million Euros to publish images of the Skopje billboards in every major European newspaper. The billboards belonged to Atanas Botev who promoted his Art Exibit by showing a Greek flag where the cross was replaced by the nazy symbol and a photo of his family who were forced out of their home in Aegean Macedonia.

The Greek newspaper depiction of the Macedonian flag with a Nazi Symbol and mocking US president Bush (for supporting Macedonia) by identifying him with Hitler is acceptable in Greek Society and the Government.

One must admit, it is very strange that neither the Macedonians nor the Americans reacted to this. This sort of images are not seen even in newspapers in North Korea or Iran.


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