Neanderthals were fully developed Humans
Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Generations have been taught to believe that Neanderthal Man was a half-stooped ape-man barely able to walk. This initial reconstruction of the Neanderthals was based on evolutionary bias ('Theory' of Evolution) and occurred before complete and better preserved bones of the Neanderthals were discovered showing that they were completely erect and completely human in every way.

By the time many scientists (though not all) came to be convinced that the Neanderthals were completely human, not half-ape or becoming human, the factual damage in the popular media was done and the Neanderthals became forever synonymous with low intelligent, brutish, knuckle-walking ape- men.

"The great pathologist Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) claimed that the Neandertal specimen he examined had rickets and arthritis, which may have caused some of the unique Neandertal features, but his opinion was overlooked. It took 44 years for the highly misleading nature of the reconstructions to be revealed, indicative of the shared bias of the evolutionary community.

Even after the Neandertal reconstruction at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago was shown to be false and highly misleading, it took another 20 years for this renowned institution to correct its display!" (Source).

"Despite the PBS series on evolution, the status of Neandertal Man has been improving among evolutionists during the past 10 years. The series’ failure to mention any of the recent discoveries appears to be typical of its whole propagandistic thrust. The discovery of a human hyoid bone (related to the larynx or voice box) prompted many evolutionists to state that Neandertal Man had speech and language ability equivalent to modern man.

Trinkaus and Shipman say:

‘Although no one had explicitly predicted what a Neandertal hyoid would look like, few were really surprised when it turned out to be a slightly enlarged version of a human hyoid and nothing like an ape hyoid ... . Many anthropologists came to believe that Neandertals could have spoken any modern human language, whatever their accent may have been.’.

Regarding the fossil record, millions continue to be taught in schools and through textbooks all over the world that the fossil record furnishes scientific proof of evolution. But, where are there fossils of half-evolved dinosaurs or other creatures?


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