Who is staging a War between North and South Korea?
Saturday, 29 May 2010

Tensions between North and South Korea continue to escalate: On Friday, North Korea blamed its southern neighbor of staging the sinking of its own warship, which killed 46 soldiers, denying any responsibility for the tragedy.

North Korea has also warned that any retaliation for the incident would lead to armed conflict, and potentially “all-out war.” North Korea’s denial runs at odds with a recent multinational probe that determined that a North Korea torpedo downed the ship. 

Russian experts disagree and claim it would be incredibly simple for dozens of countries to obtain a Soviet Made torpedo, use it against a ship and claim afterwards it was fired from North Korea.

On Monday, meanwhile, South Korea announced that it would take a series of measures against the North, including a drastic reduction in trade.

Are we once again going back to an old recipe (already used twice) in the past 100 years? The economy is tanking, lets fix it and turn people's attention with staging another war as the only proven business. 

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