Greek Media fumes over Vatican statement of Macedonian Church Pontiff
Monday, 26 May 2008

Greece's reaction on statements of Macedonian Orthodox Church Pontiff HH Stefan and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski during the honoring of St. Cyril in Rome is on Monday's headlines of almost all newspapers.

The Head of the Macedonian Church said Greece has been destroying everything the Macedonian brothers Cyril and Methodius had created.

" Today in your birth place everything is dust and ash, there is no freedom for a book, or a letter, or a word from yours and our language. In the region in which all then spoke as you and as we today, in this time of ours, it is even forbidden not only to talk in that language but also to pray on that language, and even the existence of that language. Today, unfortunately, the behavior is worse than that of the trilingual in your time. Saint, today everything is ruined from that which could have reminded us of you and of us, in Solun and in Kukus, in Lerin and in Kostur. There neither the alive nor the dead have their peace.  "

Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyiannis called on the Macedonian Government to condemn the Rome statements, issuing her robotic statement, seen before, "what happened confirms the Greek arguments, position and policy, which emphasize the need for resolution of the name problem, and as long as the problem remains unsolved, it will represent an instrument of an ancient and unknown to history-type of irredentism, which is dangerous for regional cooperation and Balkans' stability".

Truth hurts, indeed.


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