Heated debate at the EU, Macedonian delegation not present
Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Image At the EU debate for "West Balkans", everyone was there, even the Kosovo delegation. No sign of the Macedonian delegation. 

Perhaps were too busy with the election campaigns.  And just maybe, it was better the Macedonians were not there. The debate heated up when Macedonia was mentioned. Greek MEP's protested loudly at each mentioning of the word Macedonia, which created stubborness on the part of the EU MEP's which continued to name Macedonia under its constitutional name which enraged the Greeks further.

Greek blamage increased sharply when a Greek MEP made a speech that he doesn't want to hear the word "Macedonian" in any context. His speech was followed by laughter and few boos by European MEP's. 

 Greek MEP's continued their rage further, this time attacking EC President, Barroso, by asking him why is the EU helping Albania when their Government mistreated minorities. "Greece is a champion of minority rights" added the Greek MEP, which again was followed by another burst of laughs by EU MEP's.  

How annoying were the Greek MEP's is the fact that Dorris Pak, who is well known for her Anti-Macedonian rhetoric, started to speak positively of Macedonia.

The Slovenian MEP, currently in charge of the EU, Janez Jansa, said he would like to see Macedonia much closer to the EU: "Croatia is already deep in its negotiations with the EU, I'd like to see Macedonia at this level, we must double our activities as soon as this incoming month." said Jansa. His view was shared by Oli Rhen.

Another Slovenian MEP, Jelko Kacin, who is a known Macedonian supporter blasted Greece on their decision to ban Macedonian Airlines because of the name of the company.

Manuel Barroso and Janez Jansa shortly after their statements exited the meeting and looked to have enough of the Greek MEP's circus show.


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