Poll: Macedonians choose Name over EU & NATO
Monday, 12 July 2010

Preserving the name is more important than Macedonia's EU, NATO membership, according to the results of a poll, conducted by the Institute for Political Research on July 3-4 that upon a request by the Secretariat for European Affairs.

A total of 66,5 percent of 1,110 respondents chose the name against 26,2% who favored Macedonia's EU, NATO membership. However, the results are rather different in regard to the respondents' ethnic origin. For 82,1 percent of Macedonia the name is more important that the accession to the EU and NATO, while 77,8 of ethnic Albanians favor the country's integration with the European, Euro-Atlantic institutions.

In order to bring the country closer to EU, priority should be given to the economy, say 46,1 percent. A total of 22,3 of respondents considered that special attention should be paid to the judiciary and 15, 1 percent -- to the security. Both Macedonians and Albanians believe that the country's economic development is top priority.

A total of 65,5 percent said they considered to be citizens of Macedonia, 28,5 - of both Macedonia and Europe, while 3,4 percent - of Europe.

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