Meteor Shower registered on the junction of Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo
Saturday, 13 November 2010

The people of southern Serbia were disturbed by a flash of light and clamor, which were reportedly caused by a falling meteor. Blinding lightning was also seen by residents of northern Macedonia and southeastern Kosovo.

Part of the meteor fell in the region of Grdelica Gorge in southern Serbia. Witnesses claim that they've seen a lighting object falling over the Sarajevo bridge at the entrance of Grdelica Gorge. The light was blinding accompanied by a deafening noise, Radio-Television Serbia reports.

Regional information centers in Nis and Vranje say the meteor ripped through the sound barrier over Surdulica village towards Bujanovac, near the junction of the Serbian, Macedonian and Kosovo border. It cannot be confirmed whether it landed on earth or whther it disintegrated in the air.

Milan Jelic of the "Rudjer Boskovic" Astronomical Society told the media in Serbia that a bolide (an exceptionally bright fireball, particularly one that explodes) might have been seen over southern Serbia.


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