Ruling Government Accuses Soros NGOs of Bribing Journalists
Friday, 26 November 2010

The Ruling Government Coalition today accused the Soros Foundation (Open Society Institute) lead by former high ranking SDSM official Vladimir Milchin for sponsoring, financing projects and corrupting several mediums in Macedonia, said today the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE.

According to the spokesperson, Aleksandar Bichikliski, the foundation SOROS Macedonia had given 310,000 euros this year to five journalists who procedeed to form the organization GEM, now famous for traveling around the nation publicly advocating for change of the country's name. GEM's members are Vladimir Milchin, Branko Geroski, Nikola Geleski, Zarko Trajanovski and Robert Belichanec. 

"310,000 euros for five journalists per year, this is about 60,000 euros per journalist/per year which is the price of a decent size apartment in Skopje. Has Vladimir Milchin reported any of these money to the Taxation office? Is Vladimir Milchin paying cash or is it a direct deposit?" says Bichikliski.

"Soros Macedonia had spent additional 39,400 Euros this year for "training" journalists in SDSM operated mediums.  Additional 37,000 Euros are given each year to a TV show known for its anti Government views and pushing for a name change.

Obviously with its activities Soros Macedonia is directly involved in heating up anti Macedonian and anti Governmental atmosphere and is directly responsible for carrying out SDSM's strategy which is well outlined in the latest affair named "Hope" where SDSM's leader Crvenkovski as president spent 350,000 Euros for consultants to help him destabilize the Government and the country." says Bichikliski.

The behavior of Soros Macedonia is unacceptable for a democratic society and Bichikliski wonders whether Vladimir Milchin's superiors are aware that Soros Macedonia is not an NGO rather a very politicized and extended hand of the SDSM political party.

This isn't the first time Soros Macedonia is involved in highly politicized affairs. Almost a decade ago, Soros Macedonia and SDSM were involved in similar affair that became public thanks to disgruntled journalists at daily Vreme who did not receive the bribes their colleages did.

At the time, Soros Macedonia on orders by SDSM paid thousands of euros to journalists German Filkov, Sabina Fakikj, Borjan Jovanovski, Goran Temenugov, Riste Nedanovski, Violeta Cvetanovska... whose main job was to mislead the public and write positive articles about SDSM's Government.

Bichikliski finished his press conference by asking whether Crvenkovski acted on advice by Vladimir Milchin to hire the Slovenian consultants?


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