Greece abuses Macedonians at the border, again
Friday, 06 June 2008

Image Marijan Kaevic, Aleksandar Bozinovski, Oliver Mladenovski of Skopje and Milan Dimovski of Kocani were prevented by Greek Police to enter Macedonia at the "Old Dojran" border crossing between Macedonia and Greece.

After the organized attacks on Macedonian truckers inside Greece, now they are abused when they are trying to come back to Macedonia.

All four Macedonians were forced by Greek Policemen to clean up the Greek Border Area, only then they would be granted permission to leave Greece.

Macedonians objected to it, however, they were transporting coal for Macedonian company "Feni" and had to make the delivery so they started cleaning.

"At 5am this morning Greek Policemen abused our citizens again. Each of them was given brooms, plastic gloves and bags to gather the trash. Once they cleaned the Greek Border Area, they were allowed to leave Greece." said Ministry of Interior Spokesperson, Ivo Kotevski.

It's clear Athens is trying to cause a major incident between the two countries to further strain the relations, even though they are very strained as it is. 


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