Ricky Gervais Asked to Host Golden Globes Again
Tuesday, 01 February 2011

Ricky Gervais (jur-VAYSS') says that despite the acrimony over his job hosting the Golden Globes, he was asked to consider returning next year.

In a diary of his experience hosting the Globes for Heat magazine, Gervais says that organizers asked him to "consider a third year." Gervais said he was inclined to turn it down because he doesn't know what he could do better.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association presents the Globes and didn't immediately comment Tuesday.

Gervais's hosting job in January was his second time around. It quickly became infamous because of the pointed jokes he made about many Hollywood stars. Association president Philip Berk earlier said Gervais "definitely crossed the line."

The NBC broadcast drew nearly 17 million viewers. That was slightly more than last year's.


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