Medvedev elected President of Russia
Monday, 03 March 2008

Moscow, Russia

Early results have shown that Medvedev had gained over 68% of the total vote, very much thumping the other three rivals. 

Putin asked Medvedev to take charge of meetings of the presidential State Council, fast-tracking a transfer of power. Putin, set to retain power as Medvedev's prime minister, also suggested they work together on a Cabinet reshuffle.

Results from 99.45 percent of precincts showed that Medvedev, Russia's first deputy prime minister, received more than 70 percent of Sunday's vote, the elections commission said Monday.

With nearly all votes counted, hundreds of young people marched through Moscow toward the U.S. Embassy to criticize American policies in Kosovo, Iraq and the Muslim world. After rallying briefly across the street from the embassy and unfurling a banner, police told them to leave and they dispersed.

A short time later, hundreds of riot police detained dozens of youths near a downtown Moscow square where opposition groups had planned an unauthorized protest against the presidential elections.

In St. Petersburg, former chess champ, Garry Kasparov who is publicly backed by the US and British Tax Payers and his co-leader in the Other Russia opposition coalition appeared at a simultaneous protest. Unlike in Moscow, the group had permission for the rally in St. Petersburg.

A crowd estimated by police at up to 3,000 gathered in a square and marched toward the heart of the city, shouting "Down with the Police State!" and "This City is Ours!" Police did not intervene.



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