Official, FK Vardar Stays in First Division
Thursday, 23 June 2011

There will be a fusion between FK Vardar and FK Miravci. Both clubs will change their names. FK Miravci will in effect become FK Vardar 1947, except Vardar will keep all of its trophies and history.

In other words after several name changes between the two clubs, Vardar will remain Vardar, but will also gain most of the Miravci based players.

The Skopje club will help the small Gevgelija club financially, as well as provide equipment. The new club to compete in the second division will be named Miravci 1951 (the year the club was formed), while Vardar will remain in the first league as FK Vardar 1947.

The City of Skopje will manage Fk Vardar 1947. It has already appointed a new coach, Ilcho Gjorgievski, who was the coach for Makedonija GP when it won its first title.


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