Head of Soros' Open Society named as Informant
Monday, 08 August 2011

Milcin, a well known drama director, is one of the sternest critics of the centre-right government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his governing VMRO DPMNE party.

The lustration commission is tasked with rooting out former secret service informants from prominent positions in society.

The Government made no attempt to out the names of former spies, unless they chose to do so themselves.  Milcin as a former high ranking member of the Communist Party which was later renamed to SDSM decided to out himself.

“We found that his [Milcin’s] written statement is inconsistent with the evidence available to the commission,” Tome Adziev, the head of the commission, said past week.

According to Macedonia's Lustration Law, all public office holders, former and current politicians, journalists, university professors, lawyers, clergy and NGO activists have to file statements to the commission on whether they collaborated with the police in the past.

At a press conference on July 26, shortly after media started speculating about his name being mentioned in connection with spying, Milcin denied having been an informant of the Yugoslav Communist police.

Now that the commission has named him as a former police spy, Milcin can take the matter to the courts. If they confirm the commission’s findings, he will have to withdraw from all public posts.

Milcin is the head of The Open Society Institute, which is part of the Soros network in Central and Eastern Europe.


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