Ivanov Slams EU Hypocrites for excluding "Macedonian"
Thursday, 13 October 2011

Absence of adjective "Macedonian" in the European Commission Progress Report deeply offends the feelings of Macedonian citizens due to the manner of naming the language and ethnic affiliation, which represent issues of observing elementary human rights and human dignity, says President Gjorge Ivanov in the letter addressed to EC President Jose Manuel Barroso.


"I sincerely regret to address you for the second time over a problem, for which I feel the obligation and commitment as President towards Macedonian citizens. I would like to express my dissatisfaction from the selective application of United Nations guidelines reflected in the European Commission report. We have discussed this topic on several occasions and I feel obliged to again express my dissatisfaction from the absence and failure to use the adjective 'Macedonian' in the EC report", says Ivanov.


The UN has listed the language and people as Macedonian, however the EU has refused to use it since 2006.


The President believes that such practice is not helpful in the efforts undertaken by the Republic of Macedonia in finding a mutually acceptable solution to the imposed dispute towards unblocking the country's Euro-Atlantic integration.


"By this, the European Commission can additionally complicate the already complex nature of the imposed dispute, since it touches upon the identity of the Macedonian language and ethnic affiliation, on which it is absurd to debate and which are not involved in the process of settling the UN-led imposed dispute", stresses Ivanov in the letter.


He says the EC Report represents a real evaluation of the situation in Macedonian society and the level of achieved development in line with European integration criteria.

"I expect that the entire society, all social and political stakeholders, will demonstrate maximum commitment to the overcoming of all noted shortcomings in the Report. I assure you that I will closely monitor this process and invest my authority in this regard. In the current status-quo state regarding Macedonia's integration processes, the country has no other option than to invest all of its means and forces at disposal in the achievement of all criteria, standards and values of the European Union", emphasizes Ivanov.


He also expresses satisfaction from the maintenance of the recommendation for start of EU accession negotiations in the EC report.

"I hope that European partners and leaders of EU member-states will demonstrate vision for Macedonia at the coming European Council meeting by giving the country a date for beginning of membership negotiations. Thus, the European Council will confirm its credibility and principles, enabling fair treatment for the Republic of Macedonia and its citizens", underlines President Gjorge Ivanov in the letter addressed to EC President Jose Manuel Barroso.


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