Stavrevski: EU Should Make Greece's Bankruptcy Official
Friday, 14 October 2011

Macedonia's Finance Minister Zoran Stavrevski admits he is surprised by EU's inability to manage the financial crisis which seems to be getting worse by the day.

"Greece has been in chaos for some time now. It's obvious the EU has no solution for the crisis and it would be better for Brussels to simply end this crisis by making Greece's bankruptcy official. This will contribute for stabilization of the markets not just in our region, but in Europe." says Stavrevski.


Stavrevski also acknowledged the lack of accountability and responsibility within the EU. "No one in the EU is solving the crisis or providing any concrete solutions, but they are debating it on daily basis, for two years."

Stavrevski also explained that Macedonia may not be able to receive any money for Greece's perpetual strikes which keep the border closed.


"Because of the crisis, it makes no difference to Greece whether the border is open or not. If the EU is afraid to mention our name in a report, think whether we would be able to receive financial damages from them because of the closed border."


"The EU knew for more than a decade that Greece is in bad shape. They knew it, and allowed it to happen" added Stavrevski.


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