Albanians obsessing over their numbers for decades
Monday, 17 October 2011

Numerous irregularities appeared duing the census in Macedonia, but also in Kosovo and Albania. All three cases had one thing in common. Ethnic Albanians attempted to committ fraud and inflate their numbers.


To answer the 'why' question, we are going to have to go back several decades.


Albanian women during the past 60 years had one job, and one job only: Produce babies. This is part of a demographic strategy, legacy of their dictator Enver Hoxha who kept their country extremely isolated and poor for decades.

Because economically and militarily Albania is Europe's weakest nation, the only way to look stronger, at least in the face of their neighbors is by increasing their population, which is done mostly on paper.


Albania's women may be the world's strongest, in particularly with the things they have put up with. For decades they were kept uneducated, not just in Albania, but in the region where Albanians live. They lived and still live in homes surrounded by brick walls. Albanians women aren't allowed to see what's outside their homes, nor should anyone pick inside. It's part of the culture.

They aren't allowed to speak to men in general, even when addressed. Also part of the culture.


Up until the late 1990's, there were still shocking news in the media of Albanians selling/trading their wifes for TV Sets. There was a case even where a Son was sold for a TV , and these are the ones that make it to the international media.


Things change...

Welcome to the 21st century. At present time more and more Albanian women get educated which has spelled 'trouble' for Hoxha's official ideology "producing babies". Only in the rural areas do Albanians have on average 2.7 babies. In Albanian cities, for example Tirana, statistics had painted a dire picture for the population. Namely, the average Tirana family has 1.4 children. 

Albanian women today refuse to serve as baby making machines, chose to marry when they are older, after they finish their education.



Our of fear from their neighbors, Albania's dictator Enver Hoxha first stock piled massive quantities of low quality Chinese made weapons and inflated their population numbers with each census after WW2. The idea was to prtray their country as getting stronger.


Albania's ethnic cousins in Kosovo and Macedonia in an ironic twist dislike each other, in it that Albania has a strong catholic population while the ones in Kosovo and Macedonia are uber muslims. Never the less, all three follow the same policy of inflating their true numbers.


Albania claimed to have 3.5 million population in the 1990's, according to their census, and the CIA world factbook. However, in the 1990's official Tirana counted its population without any international oversight. It was simple, we're 3.5 million, believe us!

Today, the CIA world factbook lists Albania's population at 2.9 million!? A decrease of -600,000 in several years? According to demographers who have much better understanding of ethnicities and populations in the Balkans, Albania's true population is around 2.5-2.6 million at the very maximum.


Kosovo inflated their population numbers in similar fashion, perhaps even worse than Albania. Even though the province has only two "major" cities, one of 140,000 (Pristina) and Kosovska Mitrovica (63,000), the rest are villages, Kosovo has astonishingly listed its population at no less than 2.2 million. In reality, it's at least half a million less than claimed.


Kosovo's census was cancelled after the EU told official Prishtina it's not valid.  Kosovo's census staffers counted thousands of people twice, even counted people, neighborhoods that didn't exist. The reason? They were paid by how many people they counted!!!

Because of Albanians demographic war and ideology to inflate their numbers for decades, it's very difficult for them to reverse this and simply accept an official count that would not involve fraud.


There was a major coordination effort prior to Albania's, Kosovo and Macedonia's census. Ethnic Albanian officials had several joint meetings to facilitate the upcoming Censuses fraud. To this end, officials from Macedonia and Kosovo were invited to Tirana. They also met in Skopje. Once they were all on the same page of what should be done, the fraud began.


One problem. Macedonia didn't wish to stand for a second fraud. Not after 2002.  In 2002, according to Janko Bachev of the Macedonia's Public Movement,  SDSM officials (Dancho Gerasimovski) in the Census Bureau received 20,000 euros to forge and add 120,000 Albanians. To this end, the official Census numbers were for the first time delayed by two months, that's how long was needed to create the fraud.


Another twist for the 2002 census is that it did not start in the official scheduled time, rather it was delayed by few months, because Crvenkovski was expected to enter the Government after an orchestrated conflict. The EU, rightfully believed it would be much easier to committ census fraud with Branko Crvenkovski in charge. It's precisely what happened.


The Albanians will continue to attempt to inflate their numbers, only if you let them. For now, Macedonia wisely cancelled the census.



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