Branko Crvenkovski and Parvanov spar
Wednesday, 05 March 2008
Image Macedonia will enforce the law, Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski said today, when asked about the latest events relating pulling down of the Todor Aleksandrov's illegal statue in Veles.

The application of the laws is the most important in this case... I don't see any connection between Macedonia's bid for accession to NATO and EU, and the monument of Todor Aleksandrov. However, I see a very strong connection between NATO and EU, and the application of laws," Crvenkovski said at a joint press conference with his Bulgarian counterpart Georgi Parvanov in Sandanski.

On the other hand, Parvanov suggested to "the Macedonian friends" to read carefully the historic facts relating the work of Todor Aleksandrov.

"I say this as a historian," Parvanov said.

According to him, Jane Sandanski and Todor Aleksandrov are two sides of the same medal.

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