Gisele Bundchen: I was so Poor, had to shower with Sisters
Thursday, 03 November 2011

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has revealed that she had to share showers with her sisters when she was growing up, because her family was poor.

Cry me a river!!!

The 31-year-old model further revealed that they were six sisters in the family, who 'used' to stay in a two-bedroom house. So, sometimes in a bid to save time and energy, they showered together.

With this Gisele Bundchen shockingly joined about 2 billion other people who also showered together with their siblings.


Gisele's touching story continues:“We slept in bunk beds and every time anyone wanted a shower, it was like, me first, me first! Contactmusic quoted her as telling Vogue magazine."

 We sure hope you can hold back your tears.   This reminds me of the time when my family bought me a Mercedes E Class, because we were too poor to get an S Class.


Bundchen insists that she is still extremely close with her siblings and parents and loves taking vacations with the entire family.

“Every year we have a family holiday, all of us together - my sisters, my parents, my sisters’ husbands and children. It’s kind of a sacred time,” she added.


That's great.


Hopefully Gisele is able to put this childhood trauma behind her, and take showers with her wife, the New England's patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

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