NATO cooking up invitations - Elevteros Tipos
Wednesday, 05 March 2008

Athens, Greece

Image The unexpected trip of UN mediator Matthew Nimetz to Macedonia could not be by chance, is the comment from Greek daily newspaper "Elevteros Tipos". "It shows that the negotiations from getting out of the status quo will be under close scrutiny so Skopje could join NATO" 

A thunder from clear sky hit the Greek Foreign Ministry when the Macedonian media announced Matthew Nimetz is visiting today. Later in the evening Nimetz is expected to cross the border and pay a visit to Athens where he will meet with Adamandios Vasilakis, the Greek negotiator.

"Brussels and Washington are cooking up a NATO invitation that would become valid if Macedonia meets certain obligation. Full NATO membership will be achieved when the problem with the name is solved and document ratification by all parlaiments, one year from now.

Reuters thinks different. This morning it said that only Croatia is a certain member of NATO. In the event Macedonia doesn't get membership, Albania automatically would not get it as a member who is least ready to join NATO from the three.

Brussels and Washington circles are very uneasy about the ever growing Russian presence in the Balkans. Brussels believes if NATO failes to add new members (Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania) they could easily turn to the new economic power, Russia. 


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