New passenger trains linking Skopje-Veles-Stip-Kocani
Wednesday, 05 March 2008
Image Early this year, after 3.5 years of waiting, was put into work the new passenger train on relation Skopje - Veles - Stip - Kocani and reverse. There are two trains that start off from these locations every day.  For the general manager of the Stip Train Stations, Stojan Mihailov, this project is successful.

"We average around 40 passengers per train daily. Our tickets are more than affordable. For students and the elderly one way ticket costs 92, and for the rest is 132 denars. Return ticket good for a month is 212 denars."

Most often, the train system was used for export of wine and metals. If you compare the prices of the trains
with the ones of the taxi drivers, you can get to Skopje on a train three times instead of once with a taxi, says
the Macedonian Railway Authority.


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