Russian Church: No Internet, Facebook during Lent
Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Orthodox Church spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin said that people observing lent should refrain from watching talk shows or using online social networks, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported on Friday.

“Now modern people, especially girls, reduce the meaning of Lent to a banal diet. This is the most common mistake.” Chaplin said. “A large part of the deprivation – is changing your life, bringing order to your body and soul. Abstaining from the Internet for all 40 days, that is overkill.


Also, there is nothing wrong with watching television news and educational programs. Attending classical music concerts is allowed. But social networks, entertainment, talk shows – that is another matter. It is better that you never look at them, and during Lent – even more so. Stultifying serials, talk shows – they do not give a person anything, while watching them it is impossible to grow spiritually. But they take up a lot of time. I believe you can live without these things, even after Easter.”


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