Radical Albanian Islamists stage protests in Skopje, Tetovo, Kumanovo
Friday, 11 May 2012

Protest against police operation "Monster" and the arrest of suspects for the Smilkovci multiple murders began before Skopje-based Jaja Pasha mosque. A larger group, comprised of mainly young people, headed for the Skopje Basic Court.


The protest began peacefuly, with participants carrying banners reading "Muslims are not terrorists", "Sopot 2", waiving Saudi flags and chanting "Death to Christians", "UCK".


Protesters, who say they organized themselves through the social networks, distributed a press release to journalists, which reads they raise their voice over "the insults towards the Albanian people of Muslim religion", adding they share the pain of the families of the victims and ask for the real murderers to be brought before the face of justice. According to them, the members of the wahabi sect should be released simply because they belong to their sect.


The protesters then headed for the Government building where they broke several windows and demolished a bus stop.

Local media reports that similar protests have also been staged in Kumanovo and Tetovo, although on much smaller scale.


The protests were being held despite calls from the head of the muslim religion in the country not to protest. According to the IVZ the protests are organized by Wahabi sects both at home and the region.

The police remained calm despite being stoned by protesters.


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