UJP shuts down Greek businesses in Strumica
Thursday, 06 March 2008

Strumica, Macedonia

Image Macedonia's Inspectors from the Taxes Comptroller Office (UJP) shut down retail stores owned by Greek businessman, reported our correspondent in Strumica.

Worst hit company is "Helena" which has been in business several years and owns chain of boutiques, cefeterias and a large scooter salon.

"We are damaged, the inspectors came in non working hours (surprised us) and shut down all the stores." Says Fimka Ilieva, a spokesperson for the company.

Ilieva doesn't think that the closing of the stores is because the owners are not Macedonians, but Greek, however she thinks it may be the case. After the closing, the Greek businessman ran towards the mayor's office to complain.

From the Macedonia Comptrollers' Office there are no comments, except that they don't comment on seperate cases. UJP spokesperson Vesna Novakovic says that each businessman who has broken Macedonia's laws has the right of formal complaint. 

In its largest action to date, spanning for 12 days, in 22 cities, UJP closed a record 331 businesses.


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