Waves of US & NATO activities
Friday, 07 March 2008

NATO There are waves of activities coordinated between the US State Department and NATO in relations to the name dispute.

Today Skopje announced the arriving of diplomat Daniel Frid, who helped greatly in the US recognition of Macedonia several years ago. Mr. Frid is due to meet with Crvenkovski.

On the other side we are seeing Karl Bild, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs meeting with Macedonia's Prime Minister Gruevski.

It is expected a discussion not only on the name dispute with Greece, but on the relations with new country to the north, Kosovo.

Skopje Law University “Justinijana Prima” held a conference where legal and political issues were discussed. The conclusions of the meeting will be forwarded to the president.

Professor Biljana Vankovska says that Macedonia should expect an invitation to join NATO.

“I think there is a semi solution hanging in the air. The facts are there, not all members in NATO are equal. United States has more say than Greece.”

Greece contributes only 0.1 of its army to NATO, the lowest among all members. Macedonia is not part of NATO and contributes 3.2% of its army.

“I think they will box in a solution, we may enter NATO under the abbreviation. Either way, my prediction is we will receive an invitation to NATO” - concluded Vankovska.

In meantime Greek Government hail their 'diplomatic victory' i.e. their staying in power in Greece, as the Karamanlis Government has had very low approval rate due to numerous scandals and weak economy. The name issue has served different Greek Governments well. Each time they were close to loose power they would rally its population behind the absurd call of imminent danger from Macedonia.

While diplomatic victory is hailed in Athens, Financial Times and The Independent report that Athens is under consistent pressure by dozen countries.


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