Greece illegally dumping Immigrants into Macedonia
Saturday, 18 August 2012

Between 2 and 3am in the morning, Greek police illegally dumps immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries onto Macedonian territory, reports Macedonian police adding the Greek authorities are using illegal border crossings.

Macedonian police sources say the situation is very alarming because of the situation in Syria and the middle east which has created over 100,000 refugees thus far.


- Greece's Government authorities in an organized fashion are dumping sometimes truck loads of over 100 illegal immigrants on Macedonian territory via multiple unmarked border crossings. This is always done during the night hours. We have already contacted the European Union and FRONTEX regarding this problem - says a diplomat in the Macedonian Government.

Meanwhile Greece has been warned by the UN and EU groups for protection of human rights for their inhumane police actions as well as the appaling conditions in which immigrants are detained and kept.

There are an estimated 1.8 million illegal immigrants in Greece, or 17 percent of the total population.


Trpe Stojanovski from the regional center for Migration and Refugees (MARRI), says at this time Greece is a source of instability for Macedonia and the region.

- We are having a wave of illegal immigration, and this is coming from a EU country (Greece), this is a very dangerous precedent as the authorities in Greece aren't capable of controlling their borders nor their immigration. We are receiving refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, and even from Mauritania. We have to constantly be increasing our budgets to deal with the new wave of refugees, says Stojanovski.


Macedonian authorities have vowed to increase patrols along the Greek border and prevent further dumping of illegal immigrants by Greek authorities into Macedonia.



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