Macedonian ladies flood Salonika
Friday, 07 March 2008

Macedonian ladies From the early morning hours, Macedonian ladies have flooded Salonika. For the richer ones, Salonika is the main destination for the International Woman's day, March 8.

According to information from St Mary border crossing on the Macedonian - Greek border, over 2500 ladies, organized with 25 buses and cars entered Greece. 

Tomorrow is expected much larger number of Macedonians to cross the borders. This women's wave was to be expected, as our correspondent in Macedonia reported.

The price for the Greek visa and transport costs on average 100 euros. An average Macedonian spends 250 euros on each visit to Salonika. We can't help but think that these money could have been spent in Macedonia, in Skopje, Bitola, Ohrid...

Macedonian ladies prefer to wait for a visa, be humiliated in the process of obtaining their visa, and then go to Salonika (some of them are robbed), and help the economy in a country that doesn't accept our name.

Yes, Salonika is cheaper than Skopje, but everything has limits, and perhaps I am just old fashioned and since 1992 prefer to shop and spend my money only in Macedonia.

Marina Velkovska


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