President Ivanov answers Sofia's request on "Joint" Holidays
Thursday, 01 November 2012

A Bulgarian request sent by its president Rosen Plevneliev to his counterpart in Macedonia on celebrating 'joint' holidays was answered by president Ivanov, revealed his cabinet earlier today .


The Macedonian president responded to Plevneliev by giving him three dates which Macedonia would consider celebrating jointly with Bulgaria:

- Europe Day

- Day Bulgaria recognized Macedonia

- Day Bulgaria and Macedonia established diplomatic ties


The cabinet of the Macedonian president informed the public of Ivanov's response.

President Ivanov's recommendations to official Sofia are focused on the past, present and the future.

"History ideologization and replacements of facts, as you define them, are a dangerous tool which if abused by politicians for short term interests can cause significat damage, therefore it is best this question is left alone, to the historians", explains Ivanov in his letter.


According to president Ivanov, the entire energy needs to be focused on bettering the present and creating a better future for the generations yet to come as this is an obligation not just for the citizens, rather the region. Ivanov wrote to Plevneliev he is assured that with joint effort, both Skopje and Sofia will strengthen their relationship.


The Bulgarian president in his letter called for turning the good political declarations into actual activities, to work together for the stability and prosperity of both countries, together. Plevneliev also asked for joint celebration of historical events.


Despite Plevneliev's letter for friendship, during the past two days the Bulgarian president complained to EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule about Macedonia's nationalistic rhetoric and discrimination towards people with "Bulgarian feelings", as well as the numerous administrative barriers for Bulgarian businesses.


According to Plevneliev, the EU report on Macedonia was not satisfactory to official Sofia even though the position of Sofia is that all Western Balkan nations should join the EU. Plevneliev added that all states joining the EU must possess European core values. 


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