Warm welcome for Merkel in Lisbon
Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Angela Merkel faced scattered protests on Monday in Lisbon, where she delivered German endorsement of a government austerity drive designed to honor a bailout loan but which critics fear may only deepen the slump.

"The situation is difficult but what Portugal is doing, it is for the future," the chancellor told a joint news conference with Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, who has seen popular patience and political consensus begin to fray in recent weeks.

Speaking for both himself and his fellow conservative, the Portuguese premier dismissed criticism such as that in a leading business newspaper which accused the chancellor of pursuing "Frankenstein experiments" with Portugal's economy; Passos Coelho insisted: "We think this is the only way forward."

Though at least one of the few hundred demonstrators in Lisbon carried a placard showing Merkel with a Hitler moustache and the slogan "Not again!", there was little violence and much less anti-German fury than when she visited Athens a month ago.


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