UN mediator Nimetz to meet with Jolevski and Vassilakis in New York
Tuesday, 20 November 2012

UN mediator in the name talks between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz is expected on Tuesday to hold a joint meeting with the countries' representatives, Zoran Jolevski and Adamantios Vassilakis after meeting them separately yesterday.


Statements for the media will be given after the meeting, due to take place at the UN headquarters in New York. Thus far, there are no information on the content of yesterday's separate talks held by Nimetz with Jolevski and Vassilakis and on whether he has presented fresh concrete proposals and ideas.


Announcing the meetings, the UN's press service has said the objective was to assess the status of the negotiations and the possibility of making headway in finding a solution to the name dispute.

The new round of name talks are held ahead of the Summit of EU in December, where a decision should be reached on whether Macedonia will get a date for start of accession talks after four consecutive positive recommendations by the European Commission.


Contrary to the past three years, the EC this year suggested the processes of accession negotiations and name talks to take place in parallel i.e. Macedonia in December to be given a date for launch of negotiations, whereas the name issue to be solved in its early stage.

In the meantime, Greece has sent a Memorandum of Understanding to Macedonia. In its response, Macedonia offered its own arguments and the move was praised by the EU, United States and other international factors.


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