Macedonian - Bulgar battle on IMDB over a movie
Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bulgarian provocations over the movie "Third Half" continue...

Apart from major reactions by Bulgarian officials who believed their country should not be portrayed in a negative light, similar reactions are coming from ordinary Bulgars.


Websites and forums are flooded with calls to all 'hora' to visit the imdb website and rate the movie as a "1" in order to reduce the extraordinary high ranking of 9.6 which Darko Mitrevski's movie had enjoyed for months.


To this, as expected the Macedonians called for action as well, so both sides clicks have possibly broken the IMDB record for movie reviews. Presently the movie rating stands at 8.7.

"Third Half" is the Macedonian submission for Oscar for 2013.


"Third Half is an emotional story about love, football, a story about a Macedonia who still had heroes.




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