NFL Roundup: Dallas wins, Vikings QB stinks up Lambeau Field
Monday, 03 December 2012

The NY Jets won, that's something you don't hear often.  They de.feated sleepwalking Arizona team who have los 8 straight games. The end result was a waterpolo score of 7-6.


The Vikings lost a game that was impossible to lose thanks to Christian Ponder, the NFL's worst QB. Ponder linked up more with Green Bay's defense than with his offense. Hats off to the one and only beast, Adrian Peterson who once again was his amazing self, rushing for 210 yards. Peterson is a great man for not punching Ponder after the game for ruining his spectacular performance. It's remarkable both Ponder and the coaching staff are still employed by the Vikings.


San Francisco 49s went into St. Louis, disrespected them and lost the game.


Seattle proved Chicago is vulnerable by defeating them in the windy city.


Houston is the team to watch and easily a super bowl contender even though the NFL is not a fan of the franchise. The NFL should get used to Houston, they are here to stay and are whooping everyone on the way to the top.


Buffalo defeated Jacksonville. Not sure why these two cities have NFL teams.


Dallas had a late scare from Philly, but the Eagles were just not there mentally and continued their slump. Despite starting the game very well, the Eagles fell victim to a late comeback by the Ol Boys. Romo has been criticized for a while, however he proved he can play when they need him the most connecting well with his wide received late in the game.


In other matches the Steelers managed to upset the Ravens and have positioned themselves for a nice playoff push. 

All results for Week 13 below:


    Houston     24    
    Tennessee     10        
    New England     23    
    Miami     16    
    Jacksonville     18    
    Buffalo     34    
    Indianapolis     35    
    Detroit     33    
    Carolina     21    
    Kansas City     27    
    Arizona     6    
    NY Jets     7    
    San Francisco     13    
    St. Louis     16     OT
    Minnesota     14    
    Green Bay     23    
    Seattle     23    
    Chicago     17      OT
    Tampa Bay     23    
    Denver     31   
    Cincinnati     20    
    San Diego     13    
    Cleveland     20    
    Oakland     17    
    Pittsburgh     23    
    Baltimore     20    
    Philadelphia     33    
    Dallas     38


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