Borisov cries a river over "Third Half" ... in Athens
Monday, 17 December 2012

More shoulders to cry on for Bulgaria's PM over the movie Third Half, this time it was Samaras, in Athens from all places.


Bulgaria as a country saved the most Jews in WWII, 50,000 people, said Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borisov during a meeting with Greece's PM, not missing a chance to talk about the Macedonian film "Third Half".


- If we could save all Jews in the world, we would have, but we couldn't and saved the 50,000. Other countries couldn't do much and didn't do much, maybe one two countries that saved 300-400 people. And Bulgaria deserves to see movies made against Bulgaria? Why? Because of its friendliness, its love, its openness ... this is the same as accusing someone that there are thirsty people in Africa" concluded Borisov whose attempt to come up with a metaphore did not end well.


Official Sofia continues to ignore their occupational role and the rounding up and annihiliation of 98% of the Macedonian Jewish population in WWII.  



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