Macedonian director wins first prize for Animated Samurai film
Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Samurai film "Purple and Gold" directed by Macedonian filmmaker Andrijana Cvetkovic has won the first prize in short film category at FilmAsia Open Film Competition 2012 festival (IAFOR).


The screenplay of the film won at the international short-film competition organised by film studios in Japan and was shot in the famous Shochiku Kyoto Studio in 2010 as Samurai film (Jidaigeki – special film genre in Japan).

The film is shot in Japanese language with international production team and famous Japanese actors. Film’s post production was completed in 2011 and was premiered at the Kyoto Historica International Film Festival. The story is inspired from Macedonia with motives close to the world of the Macedonian legends and myths, director Cvetkovic said.


Cvetkovic holds a PhD degree in Film Arts and lives in Japan for seven years. She will be visiting professor and scientific associate at the prestigious Kyoto University in the Centre for Asian Studies.


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