Russian falls off Train, runs 7 miles at -40
Friday, 18 January 2013

42 year old Russian citizen wearing summer t-shirt, shorts, and sandals fell off a moving train in Russia's Far East. The only problem, the temperature outside was -40 degrees.


Deciding to take a smoke break, he left his cabin and headed for the smoking designated area. On his way back, instead of going to his cabine he opened a door that was leading outside the train. 

A single step was all it took for the Russian to find himself tumbling outside the train. Pressed by the bitter cold he quickly picked himself up and ran to catch up to the train, but the train got away.


The closest station was 7 miles away. 

Trying to stay warm and keem himself alive, he ran for 7 miles.


When reaching the station, the staff there congratulated him on surviving his trip. Police is investigating who was responsible for the incident and whether railway staff had forgotten to lock a safety door that lead outside.

Meanwhile the unfortunate yet lucky Russian managed to get on the next train and reach his final destination, 150 miles away from the place he will probably never forget.


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