Brazil to buy Russian anti-aircraft systems
Sunday, 03 February 2013

Brazil's Defense Ministry said it will recommend the government buy anti-aircraft defense systems from Russia pending advanced talks with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev this month, Reuters reports.


The ministry said in a statement on its website it hoped to acquire Russian anti-aircraft systems and would present a proposal to President Dilma Rousseff for approval.

"We are interested in acquiring three batteries of medium level Pantsir-S1 missiles and two batteries of Igla missiles," General Jose Carlos De Nardi said in the statement.


De Nardi said Brazilian and Russian officials have drafted an agreement that, if signed, would include the sharing of technologies without restrictions and construction of a production plant in Brazil.

Brazil is also considering multibillion-dollar proposals from the United States and France to upgrade its antiquated fighter jet fleet, as the Latin American country tries to bring its military power up to speed with its recent advances in economic and political power on the world stage.



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