German Archives show Bulgarians rounded up and transported Macedonian Jews
Monday, 04 February 2013

The rounding up and transportation of the Macedonian jewish population was done by the Bulgarian Government. The so called Bulgarian patriots in Sofia continue to claim their Government had nothing to do with Macedonia's jews, however newly released evidence straight from the German archives show that Macedonia was occupied by Bulgaria as the eastern neighbor was part of Germany's axis during WW2.


Great deal of documents show Sofia was fully in charge of the entire operation, it even negotiated the price with the Nazis. All documents are in Bulgarian, signed by Bulgarian representatives at Skopje's train station and army officials responsible for occupied Macedonian territories.

For instance one document clearly shows the train trip Macedonian jews (3545 adults and 592 children) will make to their final destination, the concentration camp Treblinka in Poland.

For this 'work', the Bulgarian Government charged Nazi Germany 7,144.317 lev.


For the remaining Macedonian jewish community this is just additional evidence about the direct involvement of the Bulgarian Government in the deaths of 98% of the Macedonian jewish population.

The Bulgarian army is also responsible for stealing treasures not just from Macedonia's jews, but also emptied numerous museums around the country.




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