Serb buys Laptop online, receives wooden Log
Monday, 04 February 2013

Only in Serbia.

Nenad Petrovic from Kalugjerica, Serbia, through a popular local website "buy-sell" purchased a computer. Much to his surprise when the package that was sent 'express' arrived, he unwrapped a wooden log.


"I was in total shock. I went straitgh to the postal office to return the package, they told me there is not much they can do and couldn't help me. When I went to the police station to report the case, they asked me why would I buy something over the Internet?" says Petrovic.

The website itself too said that they are not responsible for this, because they were only the middle-man in the transaction. One would imagine, eBay is still little known in that part of Serbia.


Meanwhile Nenad Petrovic has posted a note on his Facebook page claiming he knows who the seller was because he had left his account number where the money were sent.

Petrovic on his Facebook profile stated he will personally track down the seller and take care of business. 


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