Albanian mafia, second largest in the world
Sunday, 09 March 2008

London, England

Albanian mafia is not a pyramid with one leader, rather an organization with several bosses. The power of the Albanian mafia, currently second right after the Colombia is based on family ties. The Family is normally made of 20 members 

The ownership of the heroin European market, according to police sources from dozen European countries is in the hands of 30 Albanian mafia families. Each of these families control a specific area of Kosovo which is the main transit point for all drugs. 

The Drenica area, which goes through Prizren, Klin and Istok connects Montenegro and Macedonia is controlled by the Drenica group whose main profit is drugs, weapons, stolen automobiles, white slavery, cigarettes and alcohol. This mafia is connected with the Albanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Czech mafia. 

Most influential Albanian families at the moment are Naser Keljmendi, Ekrem Luka, and Redzep Selimi.

Recent FBI report shows that Albanian mafia overtook the Russian and Italian mafia in New York. Same went for several European cities, including  London, Berlin and Prague.


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