Did UFO strike the Russian meteor?
Sunday, 03 November 2013

A footage closely analyzed of last year's Russian meteor that disintegrated (some of it landed) in Siberia shows some sort of craft literally smashed the meteor into pieces before it hit populated area in northern Russia.


The flying object that smashed through the meteor and came out of the other side must to have been traveling at enormous speeds considering  the fact the meteor was going at least 30,000 mph.  As the footage shows, the flying object chased the meteor down and somehow went through it. As soon as it makes impact you can see the meteor bursting (exploding) into pieces. Needless to say, if the meteor stayed in tact and hit the city, it would have likely wiped it out - and then some.


No known technology on Earth can do what the flying object did, not even in the science fiction realm. Someone is watching closely and the northern Russian city should be thankful.


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