Baklava officially a Turkish product
Thursday, 19 December 2013

Who does the yummy dessert Baklava belong to? We have always known the Baklava was a Turkish dessert, but unfortunately the Turks had to prove this in a European Court. The reason, official Athens tried to, for a lack of a better word steal the name "Baklava" and register it in the EU as a Yunanistani product. 


Of course, the Turks challenged this and what should have been a 10 minute "trial" turned into a four year ordeal that begun in 2009. Turkey won the trial and registered Baklava in the EU patent office as a Turkish product. Official Athens abused their EU membership by trying to trademark and register numerous products that belong to non EU countries. 

 Athens isn't alone in this.


New EU member Bulgaria is following in Athens' footsteps. They too have attempted to register numerous Macedonian and Serbian products. Official Sofia even registered "Ajvar" which is a famous Macedonian delicacy.


Sofia will be challenged by both Macedonia and Serbia in European courts. 

Once a product is registered in the EU, it becomes trademarked and geographically protected product. Other countries will have to pay a fee to use the name of the product.


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