Poland announces new military structure
Friday, 03 January 2014

 Poland on Thursday officially changed the way organising its military forces, launching the General Command of All Armed Forces to replace the separate commands of various military forces, local press reported.

"I believe it is one of the milestones of our defence," Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak said at the launching ceremony.

"We have created a good, flexible structure which should be a comprehensive response to the threats to Poland's security," said Siemoniak.

The defence minister said 2014 would be the second year of implementing a 10-year technical modernisation plan and the year when the ISAF Afghan mission would be ended.

The military command reform, which was initiated by the president, puts land, air, naval and special forces under the General Command of All Armed Forces in peacetime and the Operational Command of All Armed Forces in times of crisis or in event of war.

Inspectorates in the General Command will represent the various types of military forces. The General Staff will now focus on strategic planning and advising the defence minister, prime minister and president under the new law.


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