Scotsman Harry Man wins "Bridges of Struga" poetry award
Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Scottish poet Harry Man is the laureate of award "Bridges of Struga", which the Struga Poetry Evenings and UNESCO present for a debut poetry book by a young author.

Man scoops the award for his poetry collection "Lift", published by "The Tall Lighthouse". He will be presented with the recognition during the 53. Struga Poetry Evenings in August.


"A valuable trait of Man's poetry is the audacity through which he manages to find a poetic way in including seemingly non-poetic topics through his linguistic games and a neo-avant-garde style, which makes his poetry direct, communicative and of current interest", said festival's board chairman Slave Gjorgo Dimoski at Tuesday's press conference.

SPE director Mite Stefoski said all 15 books applying for the awards deserved special attention, and will be presented in a broader selection to be promoted during the festival.


"Although rookies, these young poets already demonstrate traits of mature poetry. That is why we decided they deserve to be placed in an anthology of all poetry books competing for the award", added Stefoski.

Harry Man (b.1982) works as editor and digital publisher. He won the third award at the Cardiff International Poetry Competition in 2012, as well as the second award of the PEN International's Made-Up-Words competition in 2013.

South Korean poet Ko Un is the laureate of this year's Golden Wreath of the Struga Poetry Evenings.


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