Macedonian sought for war crimes
Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Image A Macedonian is sought for war crimes against humanity. Ivan Chadikovski who lives in Canada for the past 13 years is looking at crimes against humanity in the war between Serbia and Croatia in the early 90's.

According to the allegations Mr. Chadikovski was a member of a Serbian unit that commited war crimes against Croatian population. Canadian Authorities at Interpol's request arrested the Macedonian in the city of Hamilton, where the 47 years old Ivan lives.

He paid the $10,000 bail fee to get out of a holding cell and has issued a statement for Canadian Press that this was the stupidest accusation and a huge mistake.

Mr. Chadikovski claims he was married to a Croatian woman until the begining of the war. Then he was mobilized by the Croatian Army where he spent six months of training in the mountains, from where he escapred. First to Serbia where his father and brother lived, and then to Macedonia.

The Macedonian Consulate in Toronto has no information on this case. Mr. Chadikovski hopes all accusations will be removed quickly.


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