Fisherman Saves Suicidal Jumpers for the 26th Time
Tuesday, 02 September 2014


Talk about being at the right place at the right time. However, for 26 year old fisherman Renato Grbic, he seems to be at the right place and time 26 times.


Picking his fishing spot on the Danube river, underneath the Pancevo bridge (Serbia), Renato Grbic never thought that his favorite fishing spot is unfortunately a favorite spot for people to commit suicide.


As was the case today at 3:00pm when a 16 year old teenager jumped off the Pancevo bridge. Renato already used to this, quickly jumped into action and took his boat to the victim, pulling the unwilling teenager onto his boat and taking her to safety.


"She is the 26th. In the beginning I didn't count, but now I do" says Renato who police consider him a modern day hero while the victims extremely lucky that Renato keeps fishing underneath the Bridge.


Renato has a message for future jumpers "Whatever your disappointment with life, things will get better, don't do this because you are not just hurting yourself, but your loved ones. You are also scaring my fish!" 

Renato's good heart and sense of humor is more than evident, he says he has no plans to go fishing elsewhere.


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